About Us

Who are we?

When it was founded, the Association of Civil-Military Studies in Israel set several goals for itself. Chief among its declared goals is the promotion, presentation, and analysis of interdisciplinary research focusing on the diverse issues stemming from the general topic of civil-military relations: the links between the military and society, the interface between the civilian and military echelons, the relations between the military and the other security agencies and organizations, and the various social and organizational aspects of the military.

The Association actively encourages research related to civil-military relations from a variety of perspectives, in various disciplines and from a comparative aspect. The Association disseminates the research knowledge accumulated in Israel and abroad to academic scholars, the military, security institutions, and the general public.

The Association of Civil-Military Studies encourages research collaborations and knowledge sharing with various organizations and entities in Israel and worldwide. We maintain direct communications with various research institutes and relevant university departments and maintain close contacts with corresponding institutions abroad. Especially close contact is maintained with the IUS AFS, the corresponding U.S. institution, which holds a conference every two years in the United States attended by an esteemed delegation of researchers from Israel, and with ERGOMAS, the European organization corresponding to our own.

Members of the Association are all researchers engaged in academic research in the area of civil-military relations and come from various disciplines: communications and political science, sociology and anthropology, history and economics, law, philosophy, education, and psychology. Moreover, the Association’s researchers represent a broad array of political outlooks and strategic approaches, yet common denominator that that our community shares is the understanding that the most objective research possible is necessary to study how security institutions operate, the interfaces among them and with other state institutions, and society’s role in their control.

The Association welcomes new scientists as well as researchers who work in the security institutions themselves.