Joining the association

Joining the association

We thank you for your desire to become a member of the Society of Military Researchers in Israel. The strength of an organization lies, among other things, in the number of its members and membership fees are the only source of income for the association and thus serve as the basis for all its activities. Membership fees are biennial and must be renewed once every two years.

The payment is made directly to the association's bank account:

Account details:

Beneficiary's name: Society of Military Researchers in Israel
Name of the bank: 12 Bank Hapoalim
Branch: 694 Beit HaKerem, Jerusalem
Account number: 535168

Association registration categories:

Standard academic staff: NIS 200 (such as: professor, senior lecturer, lecturer, etc.).
Non-standard academic staff: NIS 100 (such as: Teacher Part-Time, teaching fellow, retiree, independent researcher, postdoctoral student, etc.).
Research students: NIS 50 (such as: master's and third degree students, etc.)

Contact Us:

Prof. Lieutenant Colonel (Res.) Uzi Ben-Shalom The Current Chair

Dr. Itamar Rickover The Current CEO