January 2022

Inspired by Carl von Clausewitz, the field of studies and research on security and defense is continuing to evolve. Over the years the international arena has seen the development of a lengthy tradition of social-security research in research institutes that are not an organic part of the institutional security organizations. Similarly, in recent years interest in this field has expanded considerably in Israel as well, and not under the auspices of institutional military and security organizations.

It is acknowledged that from the time the State of Israel was established and until the present the defense field has constituted a major foundation of Israel. At the same time, the field of civil-military studies in Israel is very wide and includes researchers from a wide variety of disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, political sciences, international relations, psychology, law, economics, history, communications, and others. This variety makes it possible to produce scientific knowledge on issues involving society, military, and defense in Israel.

We are glad to produce this bulletin for your consideration, in which we have reviewed the existing research institutes in Israel that deal with the field of political-security-military strategy. In addition, it includes an extensive survey of academic institutions that offer a program in security studies, and finally a review of journals in the association’s field of interest. The report is based on the websites of research and government organizations, as well as of educational institutions in Israel. This review, arranged alphabetically, includes the name of each institute and its director as well as a summary of its goals and vision. All the details were taken from the websites and are brought verbatim with no additional editing. Those interested can find additional information on each of the organizations reviewed by following the direct link to the organization’s website. We believe that members of the association will be able to find in the report recent information that will help them develop their research.

This publication covers 33 research institutes, 9 educational centers, and 17 journals, all occupied with civil, military, and national security research, assembled and edited by Dr. Itamar Rickover.

We would be glad to receive comments on additional information and important fields of interest that should be added and developed. This can be done here (preferably) and/or by e-mailing us at:


Prof. Uzi Ben Shalom
Chairman of the Association of Civil-Military Studies in Israel

Dr. Itamar Rickover
CEO of the Association of Civil-Military Studies in Israel